Congregation of Jesus Logo
Congregation of Jesus Logo

"Women in time to come will do much"


Ours is an International Congregation, founded by Mary Ward in the year 1609.
Bangalore Region was erected on 30th January 2010. This Region is spread across Southern parts of India, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra.
The members of this Region are mainly engaged in Education and Propagation of Faith ( pastoral ministry).
On this website you can find out what makes us to be faithful to the call of JESUS to be his hands and feet to spread His Kingdom through Education.


  • M.Alphonsa Thayil M.Alphonsa Thayil M.Alphonsa Thayil
  • M.Ursula Pullampura M.Ursula Pullampura M.Ursula Pullampura
  • M.Carina Poovathaney M.Carina Poovathaney M.Carina Poovathaney
  • M.Mary Jude Matheikal M.Mary Jude Matheikal M.Mary Jude Matheikal
  • M.Theodora Pellany M.Theodora Pellany M.Theodora Pellany
  • M.Esther Mezhukana M.Esther Mezhukana M.Esther Mezhukana
  • M.Immaculata Kalathoor M.Immaculata Kalathoor M.Immaculata Kalathoor
  • M.Leonie Thengumpillil M.Leonie Thengumpillil M.Leonie Thengumpillil
  • M.Francisca Thynikunnathil M.Francisca Thynikunnathil M.Francisca Thynikunnathil
  • M.Febronia Pullukattuparambil M.Febronia Pullukattuparambil M.Febronia Pullukattuparambil
  • M.Lawrentia Puthattunirappel M.Lawrentia Puthattunirappel M.Lawrentia Puthattunirappel
  • M.Borgia Mangalathil M.Borgia Mangalathil M.Borgia Mangalathil
  • M.Gladys Arakkel M.Gladys Arakkel M.Gladys Arakkel
  • M.Cyrilla Thevarpadavil M.Cyrilla Thevarpadavil M.Cyrilla Thevarpadavil
  • M.Rosalia Plathottam M.Rosalia Plathottam M.Rosalia Plathottam
  • M.Basilia kollenkunnel M.Basilia kollenkunnel M.Basilia kollenkunnel
  • M.Alma Chunayanmackel M.Alma Chunayanmackel M.Alma Chunayanmackel
  • M.Amala Karipra M.Amala Karipra M.Amala Karipra
  • M.Bernadette Ambalamattom M.Bernadette Ambalamattom M.Bernadette Ambalamattom
  • M.EIsa Ezhaparampil M.EIsa Ezhaparampil M.EIsa Ezhaparampil
  • M.Teresa Alumkal M.Teresa Alumkal M.Teresa Alumkal
  • M.Linda Cheren M.Linda Cheren M.Linda Cheren
  • M.Lucia Kannampuzha M.Lucia Kannampuzha M.Lucia Kannampuzha
  • M.Smitha Kulathunkal M.Smitha Kulathunkal M.Smitha Kulathunkal
  • M.Deepti Thyparambil M.Deepti Thyparambil M.Deepti Thyparambil
  • M.Lima Manivelil M.Lima Manivelil M.Lima Manivelil
  • M.Daisy Kozhikkadan M.Daisy Kozhikkadan M.Daisy Kozhikkadan
  • M.Angeli Samey M.Angeli Samey M.Angeli Samey
  • M.Jyotsna Amamthuruthil M.Jyotsna Amamthuruthil M.Jyotsna Amamthuruthil
  • M.Thomasina Theruvil M.Thomasina Theruvil M.Thomasina Theruvil
  • Sr. Kanula Joseph Sr. Kanula Joseph Sr. Kanula Joseph
  • M.Mercy Rayappan M.Mercy Rayappan M.Mercy Rayappan
  • M.Georgia Theethai M.Georgia Theethai M.Georgia Theethai
  • M.Suma Chirackal M.Suma Chirackal M.Suma Chirackal
  • M.Anisha Paramby M.Anisha Paramby M.Anisha Paramby
  • M.Christine Pullolickal M.Christine Pullolickal M.Christine Pullolickal
  • M.Mahima Mangara Orathel M.Mahima Mangara Orathel M.Mahima Mangara Orathel
  • M.Japa Gasper M.Japa Gasper M.Japa Gasper
  • M.Edwina Monis M.Edwina Monis M.Edwina Monis
  • M.Sherly Pallissery M.Sherly Pallissery M.Sherly Palissery
  • M.RoseMary Areekal M.RoseMary Areekal M.RoseMary Areekal
  • M.Divya Susai M.Divya Susai M.Divya Susai
  • M.Nelcy Edasseriparampil M.Nelcy Edasseriparampil M.Nelcy Edasseriparampil
  • M.Seema	Puramattathil M.Seema Puramattathil M.Seema Puramattathil
  • M.Prasanna Dabre M.Prasanna Dabre M.Prasanna Dabre
  • M.Suchita Korattiyil M.Suchita Korattiyil M.Suchita Korattiyil
  • M.Usha Benjamin M.Usha Benjamin M.Usha Benjamin
  • M.Shradha Quadros M.Shradha Quadros M.Shradha Quadros
  • M.Vidya Thekumthadathil M.Vidya Thekumthadathil M.Vidya Thekumthadathil
  • M.Sanjana Savarimuthu M.Sanjana Savarimuthu M.Sanjana Savarimuthu
  • Sr. Rupali Sr. Rupali Sr. Rupali Lakahande
  • Sr. Rupali Sr. Rupali Sr. Auxilia Devasagayam
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of Mary Ward

Mary Ward

It is very beautiful, but is seldom seen. When the young are devout, the old patient, and the sick joyful.