Mary Ward Prayers

Go close to him

Go close to him,
it is easy to kneel down,
not very difficult to look on him,
and even less difficult to tell him
what you are thinking.

With God's grace I am resolved

With God's grace I am resolved
never to think that I am forgotten by God.
Should it happen that I might think so,
I will speak with him persistently all the same,
just as if he were beside me.

I saw there was no help

I saw there was no help nor comfort for me,
but to cleave fast to him
and so I did,
for he was there to help me.

The prosperity

The prosperity, progress and security of the Institute
does not consist in riches, great position,
or the favour of princes,
but in the free recourse of all its members to God
from whom all strength,
light and protection should come.

All that consoles me

All that consoles me and gives me joy
I will bring to God,
and hasten to him, that he may help me
and bring me to composure
in all sorrows and needs.

My God, what art Thou

I said: 'My God, what art Thou?'
I saw him immediately and very clearly
go into my heart
and little by little hide himself in it.
He held my heart.