CJ Sisters

We are an international congregation of 1500+ sisters in twenty-Five countries spread over four continents. Our international centre is in Rome. We were founded by Mary Ward in 1609 as an institute of, unenclosed, apostolic religious women.

Our Ignatian spirituality is to be:

-- Apostolic women in the Church
-- Promoters of faith that does justice
-- Available to go wherever the need is greatest
-- Contemplatives in action

The history of the Foundation in India in 1853 is intertwined with the history of the Munich foundation. The God and holy Bishop Anastasius Hartman's plea to the Superioress of the Munich community brought our pioneers to India in the year 1853. Their historic journey by bullock cart from Bombay to Patna through thick jungles among unknown people and in an unknown land goes to prove their great heroism. They left Bombay in early September and reached Bankjpore late December. St. Joeph's Convent and School bear testimony to the sacrifice and heroism of our pioneers, Srs. Maria Groeppner, Angela Hoffman, Aloysia Maher, Antonia Feth and Catherine Schreibman. Bankipore as the first foundation was considered the mother house of the Institute in India.